IHTC is a noted knowledge platform for International Standard Healthcare and Tourism in India. The primary objective is to discuss on acute Technology Issues and Business Challenges currently faced in the Healthcare Sector. It therefore, provide insights on practical knowledge of the latest and most recent developments.

After the successful completion of the International Healthcare Tourism Congress 2017, we are back with the third Edition of the most comprehensive international healthcare conference in the industry.

This will be another opportunity to interact with leaders in medical tourism industry, both from local and global partnerships. This will be a platform for Hospitals, Medical Tourism Facilitators, Insurance Companies, Medical Technology Manufactures, Wellness, Hospitality Industry, Healthcare investors and Pharma companies to meet & associate.

Conference Highlights
  • 300+ Attendees National and International
  • 100+ Speakers national and International
  • Hosted Buyer Program
  • Hospital visits
  • Thought provoking panel discussions
Key Takeaways
  • City to city strategic agreement
  • Hospital to hospital agreement
  • Opportunity to diagnostic agreement
  • Telemedicine opportunity
  • IMTF to hospital agreement

A major step in the right direction in consolidating all the stakeholders involved in all aspects of promoting Medical Tourism in India. IHTC can be the nodal and facilitatory catalyst in achieving the set goals

Dr K S NayakChief Nephrologist - Deccan Hospital, Hyderabad

Delegates were carefully chosen and we found great value in attending a focused well organized event. Though the conference was extremely well organized it could probably just improve in terms of session timelines

Dr. Robert Antony CharlesConsultant – Pediatric Surgeon & Pediatric Urologist, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Bangalore

A conference worth attending. It was very well organized. Highly reputed and renowned speakers. Looking forward to meet more delegates in the forthcoming versions.

Dr. Girish RaoVice President - Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of India

I am very happy being associated with IHTC. The sessions were thoughtfully placed and the audience were very interactive. IHTC provided a brilliant platform for hospitals. Overall extremely happy with the conference.

Dr. Sudha KamalnathDirector - SAST (Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust), Karnataka

IHTC was a great place to meet open minds and exchange ideas. The event was organized very meticulously. Highly reputed and renowned speakers. Looking forward for the next one.

Dr. Rajesh Babu T.JChairman and Medical Director - Dr. Rajesh Eye Hospital

IHTC 2017 turned out to be a great platform for branding. The Conference was well organized with enticing topics discussed and a good mix of interactive audience. It was great to represent the panel.

Mr. Sunny KuruvillaDeputy Director & Head of the Administration Service – Bangalore Baptist Hospital

IHTC bridges the gap in marketing India as a healthcare tourism destination - both for healthcare & tourism. The conference brought forth the Incredible India experience. I’m very pleased that all international and national delegates enjoyed the sessions and had deep insights into the choices one could make with wisdom and knowledge about quality of skills and quantity of care and compassion that our country could offer. IHTC renewed the confidence in all stakeholders!

Dr. Hema DivakarConsultant OBGYN & Medical Director - Divakar’s Speciality Hospital, Bangalore
Key areas to address include:
  • Organize the industry favorably and address the pricing issues with standardization for the customer
  • Medical tourist agents may be trained to be aware of the right treatment and pricing since they become the face of the hospital to the customer. It is important to ensure that trust is built between commitment and delivery
  • It’s time to leverage the strengths and build the momentum

Highlights of IHTC 2018

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IHTC (International Healthcare Tourism Congress) is the most comprehensive international healthcare conference series in the industry held at Bengaluru in 2016 & 2017.

The event series offers an opportunity to interact with leaders in medical tourism industry, both from local and global partnerships. This is a platform for Pharma company’s, hospitals, Medical Tourism Agents, Insurance Companies, Medical Technology Manufactures, Wellness and hospitality Industry and healthcare investors to meet & associate.

Number of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (Tope 12 countries) on Medical and Medical Attendant Visa during mentioned years
Year 2014 Year 2015 Year 2016 (till June)
Nationality Medical Visa Attendant Visa Total Nationality Medical Visa Attendant Visa Total Nationality Medical Visa Attendant Visa Total
Bangladesh 31,313 28,979 60,292 Bangladesh 68,034 52,354 120,388 Bangladesh 47,991 36,539 84,530
Oman 2,937 2,390 5,327 Oman 4,728 3,580 8,308 Oman 6,606 4,810 11,416
Nigeria 7,351 5,805 13,156 Nigeria 5,765 4,877 10,642 Nigeria 2,425 1,939 4,364
Uzbekistan 2,354 2,212 4,566 Uzbekistan 3,406 2,992 6,398 Uzbekistan 2,288 1,892 4,180
Kenya 2,263 2,356 4,619 Kenya 3,137 3,263 6,400 Kenya 1,751 1,833 3,584
Yemen 3,933 4,644 8,577 Yemen 2,550 2,741 5,291 Yemen 1,469 1,408 2,877
Maldives 1,706 985 2,691 Maldives 1,132 704 1,836 Maldives 1,542 1,001 2,543
Tanzania 3,100 2,545 5,645 Tanzania 3,352 2,815 6,167 Tanzania 1,248 1,023 2,271
Sri Lanka 1,345 882 2,227 Sri Lanka 1,933 1,096 3,029 Sri Lanka 1,084 635 1,719
Myanmar 559 558 1,117 Myanmar 716 638 1,354 Myanmar 392 332 724
Uganda 539 457 996 Uganda 563 502 1,065 Uganda 311 307 618
Mauritius 462 600 1,062 Mauritius 527 647 1,174 Mauritius 217 276 493
*Source: -


Accreditation bodies

Consultancy firms

Governmental bodies

Health & tourism web publishers

Health- and medical spas

Healthcare management companies

Hospitals and clinics

Insurance companies

Hotels and airlines

Marketing & branding companies

Medical assistance companies

Medical tourism agencies

Third party administrators

Tourist boards

Travel agents


Expert Committee - IHTC 2018

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Constantine Constantinides

Director of HealthCare Cybernetics, Greece

Dr. Constantine Constantinides, M.D. and Ph.D., is the Director of healthCare cybernetics, the Health Tourism Sector Think and Do Tank (which provides knowledge, analysis and strategic thought on Health Tourism Development and Promotion, mainly at the macro-economic / Destination level). Starting in 2006, Dr. Constantinides is responsible for introducing several Innovations and “firsts” to the Health Tourism Sector. He is a regularly Invited and Hosted speaker at International Health Tourism Conferences. Furthermore, he is the author of books and “Policy and Strategy” papers on the subject of Health Tourism. As of October 2015, he is Secretary General of the Global Healthcare Travel Council. Dr. Constantinides is currently the lead advisor to Fortune Health Resorts PLC, the company involved in the development of the largest and first Integrated Health Resort in the Mediterranean.

Speaker 2018

Dr. Manish Samson

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon at Apollo Hospital

Dr. Naushad Ali GK Moledina

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Obstetrics & Gynaecologist, Nairobi

Dr. Anuradha Panda

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Dr. Avinash Balekuduru

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Gastroenterologist at M.S. Ramaiah Hospital

Dr. Sandesh Kade

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Laparoscopic Gynaecologic Surgeon

Dr. Anantha Krishnan B

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
MBBS, MTech (IIT Madras), Group Manager Johnson & Johnson Health Economics & Market Access

Dr. Manish Khaitan

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Director and Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Colombia Asia hospital

Dr. Vijay Kumar

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Vice Chancellor, Yenepoya University, Mangalore

Anisa Ahmed Omar

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Chief executive health, Kilifi County, Kenya

Mr. Sanjay Bhat

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Founder Director, Mindful Consulting

Dr. K R Gangadharan

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Ageing Specialist Founder - Heritage Foundation, Hyderabad

Mr. Alphonce Benson Mrima Haro

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
Country Chief Officer, Public Service Management, Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Dan Christopher Namarika

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments

Health Secretary, Ministry of Health Lilongwe, Malawi

Dr. Khadija Sood Shikely

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments
County Chief Officer Department of Health Services, Mombasa

Dr. Muhammad Thahir

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments

Yenepoya Medical College Hospital

Dr. Subodh M Shetty

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments

Spine Surgeon,  Joint Replacement Surgeon, Orthopedist

Dr. Naresh Shetty

| IHTC 2018 Speakers | No Comments

MBBS, D’Ortho, M.S. (Ortho), AO Fellow

Dr. Madhu I. Patel

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Chairman Surgical Committee Mombasa Hospital

Scientific Program.

02-03-2018, Friday

900 -1100 Hrs Inaugural Ceremony
Welcome Address – Ms. Anitha Niranjan, Managing Director – CIM Global
Key note address – Mr. Constatntine Constantanides – Director of Healthcare Cybernetics, Founder of Health Tourism Policy & Strategy
Dr. Dan Christopher Namarika – Health Secretary, Ministry of Health – Lilongwe, Malawi Topic – Gap in healthcare in Malawi that can be filled by Indian Healthcare Industry
Mr. Alphonce Benson Mrima Haro – Topic – Gap in healthcare in Kenya that can be filled by Indian Healthcare Industry
County Chief Officer, Public Service Management, Nairobi, Kenya
Dr. K.S Nayak – President GHTA (Brief about GHTA, Mission Vision including Academy)
Dr. B. Suresh – Chairperson – Indian Pharmaceutical Council, Address on Scenario on Pharma Industry focussing on exports
Dr. Vanitha Muralikumar – Vice President, Central Council of Indian Medicine Topic – Indian Medicine to the World
Chief Guests: Sri. K.R. Ramesh Kumar, Honorable Minster of Health & Family Welfare, GOK
Vote of Thanks- Dr. K.R. Gangadharan, Expert Committee – Chair
1100 – 1115 Hrs Tea Break
1115-1200 Hrs Session 1: STP – Segmenting | Targeting | Postitioning – Country/City Centric

Chairperson: Dr. Constantine Constantinides – Director of Healthcare Cybernetics, Founder of Health Tourism Policy & Strategy
Moderator: Mr. Sanjay Bhat, Founder Director, Mindful Consulting
Topic:  IHTC Strategic Health Tourism Partnerships : Success Stories and Way Forward
Ms. Anitha Niranjan, Managing Director – CIM Global
Dr. Khadija Shikely, Chief Officer, Department of Health, Mombasa County, Kenya
Dr. Suresh Rao, Managing Director, Mangalore Institute of Oncology
Dr. Muhammad Thahir, Medical Director, Yenepoya Specialty Hospital

1200 – 1245 Hrs Session 2 – Organ Transplant for International Patients| Chairperson: Dr. K.S Nayak – Chief Nephrologist, Deccan Hospital

Dr. Basant Mahadevappa HPB & Liver Transplant Surgery HPB & Liver Transplant Surgery at HCG Hospital
Dr. Dilip Dhanpal MBBS, MS – ENT/Otorhinolaryngologist

1245 – 1330 Hrs Lunch Break
1330-1415 Hrs Session 3: GI – Gastrointestinal| Chairperson: Dr. Manish Khaitan, Bariatric & Metabolic, Laparoscopic Surgeopn – Director Nobesity, Columbia Asia Hospital

Dr. Anantha Krishnan – Health Economic Expert, Johnson & Johnson (Topic – The impact on Health Economics due to Bariatric surgery)
Dr. Sandesh Kade – Laparoscopic Gynaecologic Surgeon
Mr. Asghar Omidi – Economic Counselor, Embassy of I.R of Iran
Dr. B. Avinash – Gastroenterologist at M.S. Ramaiah Hospital

1415-1500 Hrs Session 4: Pediatrics and Infertility | Chairperson: Dr. Madhuri Patil –  Consultant Infertility Specialist Dr. Patils Fertility and Endoscopy Clinic


Dr. Anuradha Panda – Gynaecologist at Apollo Health
Dr. Robert Antony – Paediatric Surgeon at Rainbow Hospital

1500-1600 Hrs Session 5: Orthopaedic | Chairperson: Dr. Manish Samson, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon at Apollo Hospital

Dr. H.P. Madhusudan – Orthopaedic Surgeon at Promed Hospital
Dr. Subodh Shetty – Spine Surgeopn at Promed Hospital
Dr. Deepak Rai – Consultant Ortho Surgeon at Yenepoya Specialty Hospital

1600-1615 Hrs Tea Break
1615-1715 Hrs Session 6: Holistic Approaches in the Management of Cancer | Chairperson: Dr. Vishal Rao – Chief of Head & Neck Oncology, HCG

Dr. Suresh Rao – Chief of the Radiation Oncology at Mangalore Institute of Oncology
Dr. Mustafa Khader – Cleft & Cranofacial Surgeon, Kanachur Institute of Medical Sciences

03-03-2018, Saturday

0930-1030 Hrs Plenary Session 7: Telemedicine |Internet Centurary Health Tourism | Chairperson : Mr. Constatntine Constantanides – Director of Healthcare Cybernetics, Founder of Health Tourism Policy & Strategy

Plenary talk
Dr. K.S. Nayak – Chief Nephrologist, Deccan Hospital

1030-1045Hrs Tea Break
1045-1200 Hrs Session 8 – Urology & Cardiology |Chairperson : Dr. Sakthivel – Cardiac Surgeon, Yenepoya Specialty Hospital

Dr. Sambashiva – Urologist, Lakshmi Hospital
Dr. Muhammad Thahir, Medical Director, Yenepoya Specialty Hospital
Dr. Nagamalesh U. M. – Cardiologist,M.S. Ramaiah Hospital

1200 – 1330 Hrs Session 9: AYUSH – Compliment Allopathy & Valedictory

Chairperson: Dr. Gangadharan
Dr. Naresh Shetty – President, M.S. Ramaiah Hospital (Topic – Integrated Medicine)
Dr. Raghavendra Rao – Senior Scientist and Head CAM program, HCG Hospital
Dr. Mruthyunjaya Swamy – Managing Director, Shathayu Ayurveda
Dr. Shivaprasad Huded – Medical Superintendent, JSS Ayurveda Hospital

1330-1345 Hrs Valedictory By Dr. Gangadharan
Chief Guest: Shri Shripad Yesso Naik- Minister of AYUSH
1345 -1400 Hrs Lunch
1400 onwards Hospital Visits

Speakers 2017

Attend IHTC 2018 as a Hosted Buyer

There is a special hosted buyer program announced for Medical Tourism Agencies (MTA) which will provide a pre-set number of discounts for registrations, complimentary registrations, local hospitality and travel allowance to selected companies, government employees, insurance agents and other qualified buyers as the benefits for Medical tourism facilitators.

We invite you to apply to attend IHTC 2018, Bangalore (India) as a hosted buyer. As your intermediary, IHTC 2018 doesn’t command your schedule. Other than the required one to one appointments, you own your own schedule.

We don’t require that you to attend group site visits or any tours and no mandatory meal functions to attend as well. You are simply invited to attend all of our networking events and make the best use of your time at IHTC 2018, Bangalore (India).

IHTC 2018 can offer the following to Hosted Buyers

To Qualify as a Hosted Buyer

To qualify for the IHTC 2018 Hosted Buyer Program, you must be active in the field of Medical Tourism (preferably India), be responsible for planning, organizing and recommending institutes/ places/ patients for travel for medical reasons.

IHTC 2018 requires full details of no. patients you have managed or managing the travel for. Buyers from India should list details of travel within the country.

Kindly note that IHTC 2018 may ask for more details to verify the details mentioned by you in your application.

Please note: Acceptance into the program is decided by IHTC advisors we might not have any influence over the qualification requirements or acceptance process.

Hosted Buyer 2018

Alphonce Benson Mrima Haro

February 27, 2018

Abdul Jaleel Hussain

February 27, 2018

Amal Farah Adan Ismail

February 27, 2018

Mr. Faustin Mwanyolo Mgendi

February 27, 2018


Business Partner

CMH Consulting

Supported by



Sree Lakshmi Super Specialty Hospital
TPCI - Trade Promotion Council of India
Yenepoya Specialty Hospital
Mangalore Institute of Oncology
Kanachur Institute of Medical Sciences
M.S.Ramaiah Medical College
ProMED hospital

Media Partner

Media Partners 2017


Get ready to be part of something greater and leave your mark this year.

  • Time for Stake holders in India to position and market capabilities together
  • To debate various business models existing in this sector and embrace the most ethical and sustainable model
  • Engage with every stake holder recognising equitable contribution and strengthen relationship
  • Only Healthcare Tourism platform which is ROI driven led by an economist
  • Meet Engage and Collaborate with qualified International and national Hosted Buyers
  • To contribute towards organising this sector before it is too late
  • Get ready to be part of something greater and leave your mark this year.
  • Promote and Enhance brand image
  • Achieve multiple business opportunities
  • Listen to speakers from around the world talk about success stories on Healthcare Tourism Destination marketing
  • Display and position your products and / or services & develop new business leads
  • Reach potential customers by standing out from your competitors
  • Benefit from a highly targeted marketing campaign
  • Gain from integrated PR and Media exposure
  • Highlight your organisation’s commitment towards the development of this emerging sector


  • IHTC 2018 understands that “one size doesn’t fit all”. Whether you are new to the industry or a long-time leader, IHTC 2018 offers various customizable sponsorship packages that will help your company achieve its goals.
  • Private Sponsored Workshops
  • Exclusive Networking Meetings
  • Invite Only Networking Events
  • Sponsor of Educational Underwriter Session
  • Exhibit Hall and Buyers Lounge Sponsorship

You dream and we make it happen. The sky is limit when promoting your brand at the IHTC 2018



  • Network with Hosted Buyers and introduce your organization product or services to new and emerging markets
  • Connect with potential business partners that you’d normally wouldn’t be exposed to and enhance your international brand and position in the market
  • Gain insight on current market trends and practices the conference will comprise workshops conducted by the renowned international speakers
  • The workshops will cover the topics that range from medical tourism, current medical Research initiatives, latest innovations in health sector, future business opportunities in healthcare, insurance, and healthcare quality to the globalization in healthcare
  • Congress participants will have the rare opportunity to interact, share and meet the officials, policy makers, presidents, CEOs, and directors of the private sector organizations for this ultimate networking event.
  • Extensive publicity in printed and web media, local dailies, medical magazines & journals, television and other media.


Exhibiting at IHTC provides an exceptional combination of networking and corporate branding opportunities and is a perfect opportunity to boost your company’s profile among the influential and decision-makers in the medical travel industry.

Your company’s participation in IHTC not only strengthens global awareness of your products and services to an audience of important decision-makers but, more importantly, confirms your position as an industry leader. IHTC brings together the leaders in the medical tourism industry at an event designed to create maximum interaction and meeting opportunities where governments, hospitals, tourism authorities, insurance services, consultants can promote their brands, meet potential customers and entertain existing clients. Aligning your brand with such an exceptional and exclusive global event where you can present your products and services in a dynamic and interactive environment sends a clear message to all of your stakeholders.


Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy

The Ministry of AYUSH is formed in 9th November 2014 for providing more healthcare to the public. The Department of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H) was created in March 1995 and renamed as Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) in November 2003, with a view to providing focused attention to development of Education and Research in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy systems.

The word Ayurveda derived from AYU and VEDA. AYU means life VEDA means science or knowledge.

Ayurveda means the science of life. Ayurveda believes that positive health is the basis for attaining four cherished goals of life (chaturvidh purushartha) viz., Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. All these four goals cannot be achieved without sound positive health.

Positive health is defined as:

  1. Dosha Dhatu samya (well balanced metabolism)
  2. Prasanna Atma, Indriya, Manah (happy state of the soul, senses and the mind). Senses here mean the five organs of perception Gyanendriya viz., smell, taste, sight, touch, and hearing coupled with the organs of action – Karmendriya viz., mouth, hands, foot and organs of excretion and reproduction.

Yoga is an Art and Science of healthy living. It is a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science, which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. The holistic approach of Yoga is well established and it brings harmony in all walks of life and thus, known for disease prevention, promotion of health and management of many lifestyle –related disorders. Today, Yoga is popular across the globe, not just because of its efficacy in the management of some diseases, but also of its strength in providing relief to the practitioner, from mental and emotional distress and providing a feeling of well-being. Hence, now-a-days Yoga is being practiced as part of healthy life style across the globe.

Unani-tibb or Unani Medicine is a form of traditional medicine practiced Asian countries. It refers to a tradition of Graeco-Arabic medicine, which is based on the teachings of Greek physician Hippocrates and Roman physician Galen and developed into an elaborate medical system in middle age era by Arabian and Persian physicians, such as Rhazes (al-Razi), Avicenna (Ibn- e- Sina), Al-Zahrawi, and Ibn Nafis.

Ibn-e- Sina popularly known as Avicenna, one of the greatest scholars of Unani Tibb (medicine), has defined Unani Medicine as “It is the science in which we learn various states of body in health and when not in health and the means by which health is likely to be lost and when lost, is likely to be restored”.

Unani physicians give prime importance to diet and the state of digestion in a person, in both health and disease.

The Siddha system of medicine is mainly practised in the Southern part of India. It is one of the earliest traditional medicine systems in the world which treats not only the body but also the mind and the soul. The word Siddha has its origin in the Tamil word Siddhi which means “an object to be attained” or “perfection” or “heavenly bliss”. India being the birth place of many traditional philosophies also gave birth to Siddha. The roots of this system are intertwined with the culture of ancient Tamil civilization.


Homeopathy is a distinct medical specialty being practiced across the world. It is a recognized medical system in India through the Homeopathy Central Council Act, 1973. The system has blended well into the ethos and traditions of the country that it has been recognized as one of the national systems of medicine. The word ‘Homeopathy’ is derived from two Greek words hómoios (similar) and páthos (suffering). This means in Homeopathy natural diseases are treated with substances that produce effects similar to the suffering. The key principle of this medical approach is similia similibus curentur. Homeopaths generally refer this as Like be treated with likes.


Media press release of IHTC 2017

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